Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dear readers,

I would appreciate, you get my permission to copy and paste any photos from my blog. In FB I will ask the requester to add me into their friendlist. Why? Please don't ask, but I have reason to do so.

Below is my latest designs ( 2 to be exact) , which I do it on my own. I did not attend any classess but I used technique which is already exist many years ago.The other 2 designs I did it earlier and has posted in FB.

I am in the middle of completing a new design which is triangle in shape or perhaps hexagon. I have yet to decide.

vintage spiral
it is very nice if you sew it onto the blouse or baju kurung for children or teenager. What i can say is, it is more or less like sweetie Julia, simple but elegant.
elegant bracelet
suitable for baju kurung or alliance . sweet for both teenager and adult.

Sweetie Julia - First time I wore this blouse, one of the sifu looked twice. She held my hand to have a close look of the design. she was wondering whether I was wearing a real bracelet!!!!!!!!!
This design is meant for Aisyah as she is so against the bling2 design. I was looking high and low for the design that suit her best.After searching, looking and pening (hhehehehehe), it comes out as above. So , I name it as Red Alert Aisyah.

tomorrow I will continue the upload tutorial of simple crumble.insya-allah
till then, da...................................

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